Getting up with apprehension

Fear crowds my intestines

Intensity unsettles my corroding stomach

My legs shake with death creeping up their tendons
Test day.

A game, a competition, a survival

No one is safe

Those with no workout are tossed to the depths of the carnal chasm
The brain needs to be stretched

Heart needs to be sturdy

Body must be focused

Giving up is my last option
Too much of a workout

Too many headaches overtake my expectations

My limits are challenged

Too much discouragement
Everyone else knows the material

Why can’t I?
I figured it out.
My body is the chasm

Due to the mindful shame of myself

“You can’t do it, You won’t pass”

I threw in the towel without ever working out

The obvious solution to me is to work even harder
My body is shriveled up with dead weight on the brink of destruction

My mind couldn’t survive as well

If I didn’t study, I didn’t have a mind
My friends hate me

My boyfriend broke up with me

My family moved away

And I’m in the hospital with depression
But I got 100% on my test

That’s all that matters

No one else in the world matters

So can someone tell me why I’m in the hospital again?

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