Is it those who are unsure, the ones who achieve the most?

How can one get anything done if they contemplate?

Well how about if you listen to your brain and let that be your host,

Or listen to your heart and hope it won’t give you the biggest fate,

Like the whistles of a bird, you’ll know when you here,

For each whistle allows you peace in the unknown,

The unknown is a friend so you have nothing to fear,

But the unknown is a darkness that will eventually be shown,

The solution to this is uncertainty is an unknown mystery,

For every mystery must have a case and every case be opened,

But the brain has a different state of mind and if uncertain can give your body a sense of misery,

Never will this drifting tear me apart and leave me broken,

As long as my tensions are just and my blood is ripe,

Forever is the time which my soul will fight.

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