Is Death Near?

Is death near?

I can’t seem to see the end

How can life be so deadly

I guess that’s the cost of life
An eye for an eye as they say

But it seems like two eyes for an eye

My obstacles get steeper

I can’t reach the top of the mountain
At least I know death will be waiting for me when I do

But at least I know I won’t be the last person to fly the coop

Death waits for all of us
Dust to more Dust is what God says

But will dust fly in the wind or get caught in the trees

That is your choice
You can either be quiet or listen to the sound of your own voice

Death waits for the people who can’t live themselves
Those who can’t live their lives with undoubtable truth in their souls

Will never live

Those who genuinely live for life are the ones who stay
Well what path do I take to stay?

To stay, you must live

Not blindly live

But purposely live
Live as how your soul tells your heart to tell your brain to live
As life will grant you the biggest reward for those who do so

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