“Dancing With a Stranger” Normani and Sam Smith Reaction/Review

As everyone knows, Normani recently dropped a new single on Friday, Jan. 11th with smooth pop sensation Sam Smith. This was a really long awaited duo because Normani had teased about doing a collaboration with Sam Smith for a couple months. Everyone has been waiting to see what other sounds Normani was going to explore after she released her two singles Calvin Harris and another hit with 6lack on “Waves”. She’s also been teasing the music video for waves which she said on Twitter that she edited herself.

“Dancing With a Stranger” has now reached #1 on itunes and is the first #1 on itunes this year. Everyone’s loving Sam and Normani’s smooth and creamy touch to the song with a very laid-back instrumental. The song is definitely a song that can play anytime on the radio when you’re taking a late night drive or having a chill party with friends.

This track makes me visualize a movie scene where you’re just standing with your back leaning on the wall at Prom or Homecoming and you have no one to dance with because you just broke up with your boyfriend that night. Then when you’re just about to leave because you don’t want to deal with anyone else, a very attractive person comes up to you and offers you a dance.

Normani and Sam’s voices together really contributed to the overall vibe of the song and they really made it their own. “Dancing With a Stranger” is definitely a unique song and something that we haven’t really seen from Normani either. This song just adds more to her list of different sounds she is experimenting with and it just adds more anticipation for her debut album coming out later in 2019.

I truly believe that this is one of those songs that will set Normani up for more success in the future. I really love Normani as an artist and I’ve been a huge Normani stan for a while now but this song really solidifies her artistic value in the music industry. Normani will be a true force to be reckoned with in the music industry and seeing her do so well just inspires me to stay motivated as well.

Overall, I really like “Dancing With a Stranger” because of the feeling the song gives you that makes you visualize a time when you were the one standing with your back on the wall. Obviously this song isn’t made to be the club banger song of the year, but it’s very relatable and memorable in it’s own right.

Normani is the queen of slow-tempo songs to me and it really makes me proud of her because we’re slowly seeing her improve little by little and she’s becoming her own artist. I keep saying how proud I am but for me she really gives a lot of hope to me and all of the other dark-skinned women out there who are struggling for a voice. I hope this queen keeps going and keeps encouraging other dark-skinned women to keep going as well. Make sure to buy and stream “Dancing With a Stranger” OUT NOW!!!

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