5 Best Christmas Movies of 2018

1.The Grinch

The reason why the Polar Express is still one of the best Christmas movies ever and definitely one of the best Christmas movies of 2018 is because of the great message embedded in it.

The Polar Express has been one of my favorite Christmas movies ever since I was a child because I was a lot like one of the main characters. I was nervous and shy like Billy and I also didn’t have much self esteem.

After the connection between the main characters is created, you get that warm Christmas spirit with the amazing soundtrack behind this story. Songs like “Hot Chocolate”, “When Christmas Comes to Town”, and “Believe” were my favorite songs to sing, especially being very dedicated to playing music in school as well.

The Polar Express is one of those movies that gives you more than just a couple of good songs and a connection between the characters, we get taken through a wild rollercoaster of adventures while on the train, building up the overall lesson at the end.

Even though we don’t get the deepest message, the creators did a great job embedding this message throughout the whole movie so it holds more weight at the end. The Overall message of Polar Express is to always believe in yourself no matter how bad the odds look. It seems like a pretty corny message but I think it’s something that everyone can relate to no matter how old you are.

2. The Grinch

The Grinch is probably one of the most appreciated Christmas movies of all time. Even though the original Grinch isn’t really a movie, it’s more of a short special, it was made into a real-life movie for a reason! You may think that it’s hyped up by others and doesn’t live up to it’s reputation but this movie truly is one of the few Christmas movies that lives up to it’s expectations.

Aside from the catchy song, “You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch”, The Grinch has so many other things to offer and I think that the reputable creator, Dr. Suess uses his flair to the best of his abilities to create a simple long-lasting movie.

The Grinch has one of best concepts of all time, even though most movies tend to follow that cheesy storyline of a bad guy who turns good for Christmas, like Scrooge, the overall aesthetic and style of the Grinch is something that will continue to be remembered for decades.

When  I first saw the Grinch as a child, he scared me out of my seat because he was one of the creepiest characters I have ever seen. He was a scary, grumpy, green who with a cute little dog and a genuine hatred for Christmas.

I think the simplicity of the Grinch and the rhyming and wordplay of the script is something that makes it one of the most memorable movies of all time. I loved how he was portrayed as a stray from all of the other Whos in Whoville when it turns out that he was really a lonely who that wanted the Christmas that all of the other Whos experienced. The Grinch is a true embodiment of how Christmas isn’t about how you celebrate it, but who you celebrate it with.

3. Olive the Other Reindeer

Out of this pool of movies, Olive the Other Reindeer is one of the more underrated movies that I have selected and it definitely deserves a lot more praise than it has gotten over the years. I think the most amazing thing about Olive was the fact that Olive was a reindeer that no one believed in.

If you watch the animated movie, this is made very clear in the movie because of how aggressively she was treated and the obstacles she had to go through just to get to the North Pole.

Olive literally went through so much and she had a fantastic journey and met new people along the way, but even those new people had their doubts about her. I feel like Olive the Other Reindeer has that self-doubt in Polar Express times 10. 

This constant struggle throughout the movie to become Santa’s replacement reindeer is what truly makes the movie more enriching at the end when she finally accomplishes this goal. This movie truly shows anyone that you are completely capable of accomplishing a goal no matter how the odds are stacked against you especially if you have the right crowd around you.

4. A Christmas Carol

You would probably think that this movie should be at my number one but instead it’s at the lower end of Christmas movies for me but still a great movie to watch if you haven’t. “A Christmas Carol” is one of those movies that created the blueprint that most Christmas movies still follow to this day, but to me that basic blueprint is good enough to land it a spot on this list.

I think “A Christmas Carol” is a great body of work but I think this is definitely one of those Christmas movies that has gotten played out over the years for me at least.

When I was young, I saw more parodies of “A Christmas Carol” before I even saw the real movie so when I finally saw it, it seemed a little dry to me. On the other hand, there are plenty of things this movie has to offer in terms of the overall message of giving back during Christmas.

I think it’s extremely important to teach new generations this lesson that not everyone has the money to experience an amazing Christmas like others can.


5. Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer

Last but not least, we have “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer”. This is also a fairly over-saturated movie that got overplayed a little to much for me growing up but I still acknowledge because it gave me a special Christmas lesson I never would’ve gotten from any other movie.

I think this movie is something that still has a special place in my heart because of how family tradition is so valued throughout the story with Grandma’s famous fruitcakes.We see how Grandma runs a store and refuses to sell it even for a lot of money. Seeing this really shows the audience how valuable family tradition truly is for Grandma and Jake.

I also love how Jake used his strong belief is Santa Clause to find Grandma after she got hit by Santa’s reindeers. Jake really shows that determination element that is so valued in Christmas movies and managed to get Grandma back to the city to save her store even though his own family had their doubts.

This movie really shows an untouchable bond between Jake and his Grandmother which is also something that is really enjoyable to watch. Showing that relationship between and grandparent and a grandchild is not something that is displayed often in Christmas movies so seeing this bond was a real treat.

What are your top 5 Christmas movies? Remember to share, comment, and follow. Thank you for viewing! Happy Holidays!

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