Make a Change as an Adolescent

As a college student at Ohio State University, I see more and more people each day that have a genuine passion and they begin to put hard work into that passion to become a large influence in what they love. 

As I see this, it makes me ask my self over and over again what my passion is and what I should be doing in my life. Sometimes I feel like I’m wasting time with my life seeing other people be successful at what they love.

Then I had to sit down with myself and realize that just as I’ve met people with a genuine passion, I’ve also met people who have no idea what they should be doing. Then I began to come to the conclusion that feeling like you have no purpose in life is a negative mentality of impatience. 

Have Patience

As I started to feel like I was in a maze of my own mind that I couldn’t get out of, like a rut, I started to understand that life is supposed to be like that. I have a history of being a very impatient person ever since I was a child and that’s a virtue that I try and continue to work on now that I’ve become an adult.

For other people who struggle with patience, this is probably something that you struggle with as well and even though it might suck to feel like you are in a weird limbo. This is actually a very common mental idea when you are an adolescent. 

Feeling like you need to be at your absolute best right now and you need to reach your ultimate goal right now is something that is very unfeasible and it’s a destructive mindset. I think the most beautiful moments that we have in life come from what we experience along the journey and not the destination.

I understand that patience is very hard, but having patience is the key to resisting this trapped feeling. Resisting this feeling is a key point in finding your purpose. I can’t guarantee that you will find your purpose quicker, but this will definitely give you the strength you need to cope with inadequacy.

Have Confidence

It may be harder than it seems, but having increased confidence not only in yourself, but your abilities is something that not many people have. Having self confidence also encourages you to believe in what you can accomplish in life. I truly believe that no one has any limits. I feel like limits are things that we place on ourselves and I feel like that’s something that needs to be eradicated.

I think a step in eradicating this idea of limitations is to decrease hesitation. I learned a very insightful idea from a women named Mel Robbins who is also a creator of the Five-Second Rule which I did a short review on so go check it out. She talked about how the people that make the greatest accomplishments in life lack hesitation.

Then I really thought about it and I realized that hesitation was something that always held me back in life. I would always be timid or fearful of passing tests that I studied for a lot or for band auditions that I practiced hours for and still felt timid in the audition room.

The thing that caused me to pass that test or get in the band I wanted wasn’t the fact that I practiced for hours even though that really helps. I think the main factor that helped me was the fact that I began to get tired of being hesitant. 

It would always ruin what I worked so hard to achieve so I learned overtime that if I really want to achieve what I want, I need to let go of this stupid hesitation that I have so much. This ultimately improved my testing and audition abilities.

Increase Your Understanding!

I truly believe that having self-knowledge is the most important part of finding your passion. That is currently what I am doing right now in college and it is definitely something that I would recommend anyone else to do early.

For my story, I am a currently a chemistry major because I enjoyed that subject in high school. But I also feel like I have a more genuine passion for reading and writing. I was also interested in becoming a lawyer one day so I am currently taking a Political Science class to see if it’s the right fit.

Political Science is okay but it’s not necessarily something that I am passionate about so I am taking an economics class next semester because I want to see if it’s the right fit. 

In this case, narrowing your options and testing the water in each one is a great way to find your passion quicker. I encourage you to sit down and analyze what’s something you’ve always loved or wanted to do. If you can’t answer this question, That’s Okay! Find something that you might like and try that and see how you like it. There’s no time limit on finding what your are passionate about. It is an ongoing process that takes patience, self-confidence, and self-knowledge to truly find your passion and that is something that I believe anyone can find.

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1 thought on “Make a Change as an Adolescent

  1. Passion over impatience rules the day… makes for a more productive life. Excellent blogging here!!

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