Tokyo Ghoul Re: Season 4 Episode 18 Review

First Impressions

In the beginning of this Tokyo Ghoul episode, we see 2 men playing a game of chess. Little do we know that this whole episode will become a metaphor for a game of chess. I’m not really understanding the whole situation with Mutski but hopefully that will unfold more in later episodes. The first time I watched this episode, I was quite unsure how some of the cards were unfolding, meaning that I didn’t understand how we were getting from point A to point B sometimes but I will talk about that in my full review. This seemed to be one of the more revealistic episodes so I will include most of that in my review so without further ado, let’s get into it.

The Storyline

As I said earlier, we begin with a flashback of Mutski in a cave before Urie found him. He seemed to be going mad and having old flashbacks of Kaneki’s old self, Hasei Sasaki. I’m not sure if he feels betrayed by Kaneki or not because when he is shown in the hospital, he keeps saying “why” to himself. Almost as if he can’t get over the events that had happened. Fast forward a bit and then we see the masked group of ghouls who started the fire that was seen in the last episode as they get ready to unleash their henchman of clowns. We are at CCG headquarters when the director is in a meeting with other investigators talking about the attack the Washu Clan is whipping up on headquarters and on every other ward. It is at this moment that the director deems Suzuya, the new Kisho Arima. Suzuya’s reaction just proves why he’s one of my favorite characters throughout the anime because of how humorous and bad ass he is. He always seems so calm and collected but with so much joy and life and it makes me want to be his friend even though he’s not real. Suzuya is the one in charge of making sure headquarters is safe while the rest are  going to take care of the wards. Then we cut to the director moving pieces on a chessboard which is something that didn’t surprise me. If you don’t know about the director yet then I won’t tell you because that would be a spoiler but It’s pretty obvious. Then we see the clowns reeking havoc in the ninth ward with explosive balloons and props to whoever thought about using explosive balloons because I think that idea was very creative and resourceful. As the action ensues as CCG tries to destroy all of the clowns to get all of the wards safe, we see an enormous army of clowns on a bridge heading towards HQ. This is when Suzuya jumps in and of course we see him take out multiple clowns in one swift slash with his weapon. Though it seems as if Suzuya is doing what the director wants him to do because of the ominous look he gives after he talks to Suzuya on the communicator. Urie tries to find out who is controlling the clowns as we see him run into a building to see the SS rated Priest Ghoul who was with the group of ghouls we saw cause the fire. This is when we get into the best fight of the episode where we see Urie try to fight the Priest Ghoul with all of his might. When we cut back to Suzuya, we realize that the clowns they have been killing were actually human, at least some of them. Then the other ghoul we saw with the group called the No-faced Ghoul shows up and is raring to battle with Suzuya. When Suzuya slices the No-faced Ghoul effortlessly, the mask is taken off and we see Shinohara under the mask. I was pretty sure this was an illusion at first since he is called the No-Faced Ghoul. I assumed that he will have a special ability to create illusions with faces. We realize that this was an illusion as Suzuya’s comrades slice through the face. We also learn more interesting informaion when we find out that Urie’s father, Mikito, was the original investigator that captured the Priest Ghoul years ago. I really like when the Priest Ghoul tries to mess with Urie’s head when he talks about how he only became an investigator so his father would be proud of him. We see Urie get angrier and angrier as the Priest Ghoul speaks more about his father and in an intense jolt of rage, Urie finally manages to stab through the Priest Ghoul. Unfortunately, we find out that this was also an illusion created by the Priest Ghoul who was never really in the building and never really fought Urie. After this, we see Saiko run in to see Urie framing out which basically means that he’s losing control of his kagune, like a kagune overload. Saiko remembers what Urie said in a flashback about exterminating ghouls if they ever frame out. She carries out this lesson as we finally see a real fight between Urie and Saiko. In the middle of the fight, Urie keeps saying Sasaki’s name in anger while he fights Saiko. This shows the resentment Urie holds in for Sasaki even though he didn’t want to talk about it at the beginning of the episode. To end the battle, Saiko uses love and compassion by hugging Urie to bring him back to normal.  The episode is ended when we see the director, Furuta, introducing a new squad of quinx to the CCG and Mutski is apart of it. Ending the episode in a pool of confusion.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think this episode was okay. It definitely doesn’t compare to the last one which is slightly disappointing but there were some nice touches in it that made it nice to watch. I never really get a terrible episode when I watch Tokyo Ghoul just because they always find a way to add something that I would enjoy, even though I thought the episode for the most part was subpar. Like I said in my first impressions, this episode was more of a reveal episode as opposed to an emotional actiony episode. There are definitely components of emotion and action if you want to call it that but I think that the action and the emotion was just a little appetizer to tie us in for the reveals because I think everything in the episode was done to accompany those reveals. It was especially a reveal episode for CCG. I also think it’s really interesting that they created a new quinx squad and had Mutski in it so that would be a great thing to unfold next episode.


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