The Five-Second Rule

It was yesterday, Sunday Nov. 11th that I finally decided to go to a meeting that I didn’t care to go to. I’m in a team call the hollistic well-being team which is a branch of this scholarship program that I am in called Morrill Scholars. It’s a program at Ohio State University that is one of the main programs that promote diversity in the whole university. As apart of this team that I was forced to be in to keep my scholarship, they had meetings every 2nd Sunday of the month in the Autumn semester. Living in Cinncinnati which is very close to Columbus, I always went home the 2nd Sunday of the month. Due to this, I already knew that I would not be committed to this team at all. I had been to one meeting so far since this meeting was on the 1st Sunday due to Autumn break. That was the worst meeting I had ever been to because it was so copy and paste. Pretty much all of the presentation was copied and pasted from another website connected to the university. I hated how unoriginal and unhelpful these meetings were because I could basically just go on another website and look up the information they talk about without going to these meetings. Coincidentally, I ended up going to a meeting yesterday because it was next to one of the dining halls on campus and I realized that the meeting started in five minutes so I just randomly decided to go on a whim. When I went to this meeting, a different presenter from the 1st one I had gone to was speaking about ways to deal with stress. Even though I came in late, I heard him mention some very interesting topics while I was signing in. He was talking about the stigma around mental health on campus and was giving us different resources but there was something special about this presentation. Before I talked about how people just give resources to deal with mental health and that being a huge no no in the past activities that I have gone to. In this presentation, he mentioned the five-second rule. I was very curious and confused as to what this was and how it would be used to deal with stress. I had used many coping mechanisms to deal with stress since I tend to worry heavily about things that seem to be small and even more with larger things and half of these things are never even a problem. He turned on this Youtube video which was an interview with this woman named Mel Robbins. She talked about a little rule she made called the five-second rule. In a nutshell, she talks about counting down from five to reduce stress and hesitation since decisions are made in five second windows. If you ever feel stressed about a big midterm, just count down from five and your brain will almost reset, taking away the stress you had before and gives you a more focused mentality. The five-second rule is a simple remedy to get rid of self doubt which is a huge problem I struggled with. In the interview, she talked about how the brain tells you to have a feeling of self doubt. The feeling of self doubt and the feeling of excitement are the same feeling, yet the brain is the deciding factor that tells you how think about these feelings. After the video, my presenter had talked about how he started using this five-second rule to reduce his stress levels and he said that it has been working immensely since he starting using it. It had been a real eye-opener for me that stress could be healed in just five seconds but I started to give it a try since I’ve tried multiple methods to get rid of my stress and none have really worked. Whenever I feel lazy and don’t feel like working on any homework I just say five, four, three, two, one….and I’m up and ready to knock out my work for the day. I felt like I was fairly productive when I didn’t know about the five-second rule, but now I feel like it is easier for me to get more work done because it is easier for me to overcome this obstacle of hesitation that I always face. The more I use this rule, the more productive I feel and due to this mindset, I feel less stressed. As a college student, this advice couldn’t have came at a better time. This method has given me a better outlook on life and the accomplishments I can make. I have started to look at more videos of Mel Robbins because I think she is an amazing speaker and extremely intelligent when it comes to situations involving stress. I truly believe that things happen for a reason and I am very grateful that I decided to go to that meeting yesterday because now I can finally get out of bed without hesitation and share my story with you. If you ever have feelings of stress and hesitation…..please just count down from five and it will change your vibe.

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