Tokyo Ghoul Re: Season 4 Episode 17 Review

First Impression

In this episode of Tokyo Ghoul, we really get to see a lot of character development not just with Kaneki but with all of the main characters. I really love how in this episode, they didn’t let Kaneki outshine the other characters like in every other episode except for the fillers. This episode had all of the components of a filler episode since filler episodes in my opinion tend to be a little more dragged. Everything seemed to move at a substantial pace while still giving us all of the character development in a filler episode. So to me, this is probably my absolute favorite episode of the season since I got the emotion I love from a filler episode and the action I love from a moving episode. So without a further ado, lets jump into the review.

Storyline and Review

In terms of storyline, we get a nice advancement when we see Kaneki try to follow out Arima’s dreams of mending the relationship between ghouls and humans. In the beginning, it pretty much skips through the pain and turmoil of the last episode as we have a flashback of Kaneki at Anteiku when he sees his old friends and Toka says hi to him. There’s a lot of scenes in this episode where Kaneki thinks about his friends and I love a good flashback because flashbacks are almost like a paradox to me. Flashbacks go in time, yet they advance the storyline which is something I love to think of a flashback as. Kaneki arranges a group of different people from the Doves,  Aogiri Tree, and the White Suits to come together and help him with Arima’s cause. As we will see later, the whole episode is based around this idea of humans and ghouls coming together and reaching an understanding. For this reason, Kaneki names this new group Goat. Then we see another conversation between Yomo and Take at a cafe table. Yomo talks about his hatred for Arima because of the death of his sister. Take tries to convince Yomo to join Goat as he says something very interesting about understanding. He talks about how understanding doesn’t mean you have to share everything. This was very interesting to me because I think this was a different perception to see.  This really showed that everyone can truly meet in the middle and come to an agreement, putting more emphasis on the fact that one doesn’t have to inch more than the other. After that, we see Akira, who is badly injured from the last battle, on the brink of death. Then Nico walks in the room and says he knows a doctor that can save Akira. While we wait for this situation to unfold, we get a really good fight between Naki and Kaneki. Naki walks in extremely angry at Kaneki for killing his Big Bro Yamori. Kaneki tries to make him understand his reasoning, but Take wants to fight anyways. When Kaneki wins this fight, he promises to fight for the White Suits and not let them die in vain unless it is under him. To me, this really shows Kaneki’s character and reinforces how much I love ghoul Kaneki because of how emotional and badass he is. Of course you can name a lot of anime characters that are badass but they only show emotion when absolutley necessary. With Kaneki, we see this emotion more often on top of him being a badass character. After this, Kaneki and his friends go talk to a man from the Great Wheel Act which is an human organization of ghoul supporters, named Ogura. He says some really interesting information about how the organization evolved and provided ghouls with medical care since no one can help how they are born. We realize some shocking and spine chilling information when Nishio realizes that his previous lover was the medical student that helped with the organization. I think this was a really good refresher since I completely forgot that Nishio used to have a girlfriend and a complicated relationship at that in the first season. Then, the second most interesting part of the episode that I really loved was the conversation between Kaneki and Armon. During this conversation, we see how determined Kankei is to fight for the ghouls he cares for. He talks about how he always was kind of like an outcast because he never truly cared for most of his human friends but he ended up caring for his ghoul friends the most. This is also what makes Kaneki such a relateable character to me because I’m a bit of an introvert and it is often hard for introverts to find real friends, also, I loved how nervous and scared he was in season one because that also reminded me of myself. Amon asks Kaneki how he would feel if someone he thought was dead for years would show up in front of him since Akira is awake. Kaneki says that he would be afraid that he would lose that person again which I think was so cute and almost made me cry. The conversation between Akira and Amon gets even more interesting when we see Takizawa standing outside of the door. I feel like Akira is really cold-blooded sometimes and it gets annoying. She literally said that she feels no type of way about seeing Amon again, yet she said she doesn’t know how to react. Just react for God’s sake! This is why she is my least favorite character. Even though she is the silent killer type, she still doesn’t give me anything even when she tries to show emotion. I just don’t feel anything when I see her, she does nothing for the plot to me until we see her and Toka in the final and best scene of the episode. Literally right from jump Toka tells her that she killed her father and I almost fell out of my chair because this is how much I adore Toka. I love how real and blunt she is. Of course, her and Toka are similar in terms of great battlers but Toka just brings that realness that I need. I feel like Akira is a fake Toka but aside from that, she takes her to a place where they see ghoul children playing and Hinami shows up and decides to play with them. Toka talks about how Akira’s father killed Hinami’s parents and then she says that she pities her. I absolutley adored this scene because of how powerful it is when we see the relationship between Toka and Akira. Both of their fathers did terrible things behind their backs but we see how strong of a role forgiveness plays in this episode. I love that Hinami never resented Akira or her father because they killed her parents. I thought it was a beautiful ending when we see Hinami hug Akira in the end in love and then Akira says that Hinami is warm. This scene gave me chills up my spine because it shows how the thing that Akira despised for years is a life, not just a lifeless carcass with no soul. Then we finally see a bit of a emotion in from Akira as she starts to cry at the end.

Final Thoughts

I really loved the lesson of forgiveness and understanding being so prominent in each character of this episode. This really shows the audience that it is possible for anyone forgive and you don’t have to live a life of resentment. Of course it can be extremely hard to forgive, but I feel like the first step to forgiveness is understanding. Understanding is an important part of forgiveness because it helps you move an inch towards a common ground with that person. Overall, I really love how we got a nice lesson and a rollercoaster of emotion in this episode since we don’t really get this a lot in the series. I would love to see more episodes like this because right now, this is my absolute favorite episode in the series. I loved how everything was solid and direct and we didn’t have to waste a lot of time to decipher the storyline to understand the essence of what is going on. Hopefully next week’s episode can top this.

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