Shinichi V. Kaneki (Who Would Win?)

The Confrontation

Shinichi is a half human half parasyte with unusual strength and speed. Kaneki is a half human half ghoul with the same abilities. Kaneki has the power of his kagune while Shinichi has the power of Migi, his parasyte friend, to aid him in battle. Shinichi and Kaneki face each other on an open ground with no buildings or people to get in their way. Kaneki makes the first move, unleashing his kagune onto Shinichi in an explosive manner. Shinichi reads this attack and dodges effortlessly. Then, Kaneki jumps up into the sky and delivers a spinning attack with his kagune almost like an out-of-control razor. Kaneki comes slicing at Shinichi until Migi forms a two large squares and presses them together as Kaneki’s blade comes through stopping the attack.

The Intensity

Things get real when we see Kaneki raring to attack again as we see Migi goes underground and slices Kaneki’s arms and legs from the ground up. Kaneki is scarred badly from this surprise attack. Kaneki is on his knees and is about to get up until Shinichi throws another attack at him as Migi stabs Kaneki right through his stomach. Kaneki struggles to get up again after these deadly attacks as Shinichi tries to come in for the final blow. In a miraculous moment, Kaneki uses his kagune to create a small shield to avoid Shinichi’s attack. However, Shinichi’s attack is too great and the shield ends up getting broken but when Shinchi stabs through this sheild with Migi’s blade, Kaneki lifts the broken shield lifting Shinichi in the process until Kaneki throws Shinichi as hard as he can in the air away from him. As Shinichi is blasted in the air, he stops himself as Migi forms large wings that are big enough to use the wind as a stopper like a parachute. This buys Kaneki time as Shinichi flies back to the battle to recharge his Kagune. Shinichi returns to a drained Kaneki as they square up for round two and the end of the battle.

The Victor

As we see Kaneki recharge his Kagune, Shinichi comes back to the battle ready to deliver the final blow. Shinichi stares down his opponent as Kaneki stands up and cracks his finger to battle one more time. Migi forms sharp blades again and is ready to end the battle until Kaneki uses his kagune and his swift speed to rub the tentacles of his kagune together extremely quickly. This great speed and friction creates a large fire on the tentacles of Kaneki’s kagune. This fire makes Migi extremely sick as Migi tries to attack Kaneki. Migi can’t even catch his breath as Kaneki’s fiery kagune cuts Migi in half and then stabs Shinichi right in the chest. Shinichi and Migi both fall to the ground and cannot regenerate due to the fire Kaneki made on the ground. THE END.

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