Tokyo Ghoul Re: Season 4 Episode 16 Review

In this episode of Tokyo Ghoul, we see a beautiful setting with a clear sky and children running with a bluish green butterfly floating in the air and someone who we don’t know catches it in their hand on top of a balcony. Then we jump to where we left off from the last episode with the gourmet ghoul, Tsukiyama attacking the White Suits but most of them don’t know who Tsukiyama is. Then it cuts to Orochi who seems to be attracted to Dr. Kanou. The doctor is confused and sics more of his henchmen on Orochi. After that, we see Takizawa fighting CCG and Amon but when Urie tries to slash Takizawa with his sword, Akira jumps in the crossfire and ends up getting slashed in the back. This says a lot about Akira’s character about how sorry she felt for Takizawa even though she was always one step ahead of Takizawa when they were in  CCG together, it shows that she didn’t just turn a blind eye to Takizawa’s pain. Especially when she said that she was unfit to be a ghoul investigator because she protected him, shows how much she’s willing to give up high position and change her morals. To me, her morals tell her to do what’s right and the right thing to do now was to protect Takizawa because she knows the pain he went through of always being second best. She even cries before she falls in pain because she knew there was something she could’ve done back then to prevent Takizawa from being on this path. Even Takizawa is surprised by this because he never thought Akira actually cared about his feelings, he thought she just cared about being number one. Urie tries to help Akira until he is blocked by Amon and Amon tells Takizawa to take Akira to the Wharf so she can survive. There is also a meaningful part embedded in here when Takizawa subconsciously thinks that Amon wouldn’t trust him to take Akira, yet Amon says that he believes in Takizawa which brings a shock to him and we get to see a glimpse of the real Takizawa. It probably really meant a great deal to Takizawa when Amon said that he believed in him since no one has probably said that to him in a very long time. When Urie and the other CCG try to get Akira back, Amon defends Takizawa and buys him time to get Akira to safety. Then we cut back to Orochi trying to get to Kanou, but he is attacked by two other SS rated ghouls. But we see Kurona helping Orochi get through the ghouls so they can both get to the doctor. As the battle continues,we see the ghoul named Shiko has a very interesting Kagune called a dual-kagune, where they basically have two kagunes in one. Then we cut back to the scene with Amon against CCG but something interesting happens when Saiko helps Urie attack, she thinks about a time when Amon saved her and she tries to take Amon into custody so CCG can’t attack but when Urie throws a quinqe at Amon, he turns into a horrifying beast. But when Urie and Amon slash each other head on, this sparks Amon’s memory and makes him think of a time when Kaneki was in the rain with his mask in season one. Amon says that his reasoning for saving Saiko was because it was the right thing to do and how the world is a messed up place and you have to think of your choices carefully. This reminds me of how confused Amon was with Kaneki in season one even though Kaneki was a ghoul that he was supposed to exterminate, sometimes things aren’t always what they seem since Kaneki was and still is a good person. This also reverts back to this theme of morals from Akira and Takizawa. To always think of your choices carefully and make sure you don’t regret them because the world is full of surprises. After that , we finally see Kaneki and Arima again after Kaneki stabbed Arima fatally and is now dying. We learn some interesting facts about other people like Arima and the other investigators selected from Sunlit Garden are semi-humans with ghoul blood. Arima says that when a human and a ghoul have a child, they could be identical to humans but die quicker. Arima says that his dying wish is for Kaneki to be the one who kills him–The One-Eyed King to be a beacon of hope for other ghouls. Then we realize that the man who captured the butterfly in his hand was Arima. I think that this was a really interesting way to end the episode, especially since the guy who had the butterfly looked like Tsukiyama to me. I think that it was a really sad ending especially when he died because it showed how much self-hate Arima had inside because he always took from people. But then we see him let go of the butterfly in the flashback before he goes. Overall, I think there was a very important lesson learned in this episode especially when it talks about morals and important decisions. It taught me that sometimes the world is a very cruel place and sometimes the decisions you make won’t align with your morals all of the time especially since this world is always changing. This was definitely one of my favorite episodes of the season because we got a lot of action but we also got enough emotion and character development so I can’t wait to see what next week brings.

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