Levi V. Mikasa (Who Would Win?)

Levi Ackerman is a titan killing machine with immense power that can slice through any titan effortlessly and can massacre multiple titans without breaking a sweat. Mikasa Ackerman is also a titan killing machine that can slice through any nape and protect her friends at the same time. Her and Levi both have a silent aura, yet if you make them angry, get ready to die. Levi and Mikasa stand face to face on top of Wall Maria ready to undergo a serious battle. Levi pounces at Mikasa with his O.D.M. gear and his blades but Mikasa successfully dodges and jumps up in the air. Yet Levi’s sharp senses enable him to follow her movement and Mikasa ends up getting a scratch on her face as Levi’s blades miss her by a tenth of a centimeter. Mikasa lands on her feet but struggles to regain balance due to the aftershock. Levi goes in for another strike but Mikasa stands her ground and both of their blades clash in a screeching spark. Mikasa inches towards Levi’s throat and at the last minute, they both jump back into their original positions due to the powerful force. Mikasa uses her O.D.M. gear to maneuver around the top of the wall and uses the speed of force to slash Levi’s arm. Levi is badly wounded and struggles to use his left arm. He tries to jump Mikasa in the air as he gets in front of Mikasa and attempts to stab her through the chest. However, Mikasa intercepts this attack and Levi ends up dropping his blade as Mikasa kicks him away. Mikasa comes in for the final blow but Levi does not back down when he takes another blade from his blade storage on his gear, dodges Mikasa and they both reach ground level. Now that they are closer to buildings, they are able to use their O.D.M. gear more effectively so this becomes a big chase. Mikasa comes after Levi with determination in her eyes as they swing around the town. Desperately, Levi makes ground and hides in a dark alley between two small buildings. As Mikasa looks for Levi, Levi tries to decipher a plan to get out of harms way. Levi has an idea as he sees two bricks laying behind him in the alley way. Levi takes the bricks and hides them in the dark part of the alley. Levi pops his face out of the alley way and Mikasa takes the bait, maneuvering aggressively towards her prey. Levi then takes the bricks he laid down and hides them under his clothing. As Mikasa comes towards him, Levi jumps into action with his O.D.M. gear and starts to run away from Mikasa. Mikasa, still on the hunt, chases Levi without letting up. Levi sees Mikasa gaining from the rear and he uses the grapple of his O.D.M. gear to swing around a building and uses another grapple from his O.D.M. gear to attach to the two bricks and as he swings around a building, he spins around with the bricks attached to his grapple and they strike Mikasa in the head. Mikasa falls to the ground with a big thud and blacks out from the bricks. At least, that’s what Levi thought. Trying to make sure she is okay, Levi comes towards Mikasa in worry to check her health. As he stands directly in front of Mikasa, Mikasa smiles and uses her blade to slash Levi in the ankle. Levi is in tremendous pain after this until Mikasa delivers the final blow when she stabs Levi in the heart using the momentum of the ankle slash. After this battle, Mikasa becomes the last one standing.

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