Vegeta Vs. Kaneki (Who Would Win?)

Vegeta is a Super Saiyan with limitless powers who has a whole plethora of damaging moves like the Galick Gun, Big Bang Attack, and Final Flash. Kaneki is a half human half ghoul with the ability to form a detrimental kagune with the ability to stab through anything in it’s path. Kaneki put up against Vegeta is a very close battle. Vegeta having the power to fly gives him the advantage in this battle. However, Kaneki has the ability to use the brute force of his kagune to push himself off of the ground and deal a death threatening blow to Vegeta, yet Vegeta’s sharp speed as a saiyan enables him to dodge his attack. Vegeta counters with his Galick Gun attack and puts Kaneki in a tough postition to dodge or block the attack. Knowing he can’t block the attack, Kaneki makes the decision of dodging since the Galick Gun takes a while to charge up. Kaneki barely dodges and makes it back to safety. Kaneki then uses his kagune to stab through Vegeta due to the quick opening that was given to Kankeki to maneuver to the back of Vegeta. Vegeta falls to the ground with a large wound through his stomach, yet the resilience Vegeta has enables him to keep fighting through the pain. Vegeta and Kaneki then get into a massive speed fight, throwing punches and stabs at each other until their stamina begins to run out. They both stop and barely stand across from each other breathing heavily. Vegeta smiles and looks at the tired Kaneki and uses his power to charge up his Big Bang attack. Kaneki tries to dodge the move during the charging state once again but Vegeta knows not to make the same mistake again so he reads Kaneki’s movements as he charges up his attack and deals the deadly blow to Kaneki. Kaneki manages to just be scathed by the attack and given his ability to regenerate as a ghoul, Kaneki looks brand new. To kill Kaneki, Vegeta has to disintegrate his whole body in order to stop regeneration. Kaneki throws a few more blows at Vegeta and Vegeta barely manages to dodge the quick attacks and ends up getting wounded again. Then, with everything in his might, Vegeta decides to charge up his final attack, the Final Flash. Kaneki sees the Final Flash being charged, smiles and cracks his finger. He is about to use his kagune to block Vegeta’s attack since the Final Flash has the ability to destroy the city. Kaneki uses all of the strength of his kagune to block the attack and both of their powers end up going head to head. An immense explosion occurs and out of the midst of the explosion we see….Vegeta with a critical injury. Kaneki is disintegrated by the power of the Final Flash and the city is destroyed. Vegeta reigns victorious.

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