Tokyo Ghoul Re: Season 4 Episode 15 Review

In the newest episode of Tokyo Ghoul that came out today on October 23, we indulge new information that has not been presented in the past of the show. Even though this episode didn’t have the main character, Kaneki in it, this episode did have very useful and interesting information that we haven’t gotten in previous episodes. The episode starts off with a horrific battle between the owls and the white suits, Hachikawa and a fellow girl white suit that had broom-like hair. Before they both are beaten by Aogiri Tree, there is an enticing flashback when the white suit girl was talking about how she covers her face with her hair because she doesn’t like her freckles and then Hachikawa talks about how he doesn’t show his mouth because of the burns he has on his mouth. To me, that was a powerful scene because it showed how people should count their blessings. Even though someone may be in a bad situation there are billions of people in the world and someone could have it worse than you so that was an important lesson to keep in mind from this episode. Next we see a fight between Yasuhisa Kurona and one of Suzuya’s cohorts. The cohort tries extremely hard to eliminate Kurona with his blade, yet she is immensely more powerful until Suzuya pops up out of the woods and saves the cohort from death. It seems as though they know each other because of how casually they say each other’s names when they come face to face. It seems as though Suzuya has injured someone close to Kurona named Shiro who now lives inside of Kurona, which is basically a face on her stomach. Apparently Suzuya has some new electric battle gear that he used to body Kurona and the armor looked very smooth and stealthy which is the type of armor I like, almost like Christian Bale’s Batman armor. Another important thing we see is the battle between CCG and Tatara, an SS rated ghoul that is very hard to defeat, that is until the owl ghoul jumps in through the window and completely murders Tatara after all of the investigators were having such a rough time putting a scratch on him. The most important thing that we got out of this episode and is what I think saved the episode in a lot of ways is the flashback we get with the owl as he previously used to be investigator Takizawa. I always wondered how he became a ghoul and now we get this valuable piece of information through a clear flashback when we learn about a doctor who took specimens from the battle of the 20th ward and has been basically making them into ghouls so they can survive and regenerate. Then we learn that the main goal of this crazy doctor is to make people like Kaneki which brings out a whole new plethora of enemies right there since we have no idea how many people this doctor has operated on or if he has a whole army. I think his main goal is to capture Kaneki since he seems very curious as to how Kaneki has certain abilities so I think that will be an interesting possible arc moving forward. This was also a little scary just imagining how scared Takizawa must’ve been especially hearing his screams when that crazy doctor continued to operate on him. Knowing the type of person Takizawa was, it made me feel really bad for him because he defintely didn’t deserve that, to me, that would make me wonder if It would’ve been better to die in the 20th ward or to live as a ghoul for the rest of my life with someone operating on me. From the visuals they show us of him choking Akira, I knew from jump that he always wanted revenge for how badly he was treated at CCG so I understand where he was coming from but I’m still very ecstatic that we got to see Amon again because I think he had a beautiful story in Season 1. But after Amon pops in, they cut to a scene where Kurona walks into the owl base to see the doctor and she asks him to save Shiro and he says that it was just gas and I died laughing at that part. Kurona gets really angry and ends up wanting to kill the doctor so the doctor ends up siccing his specimens on Kurona. As they cut back to Amon, we see his determination in saving Takizawa even though Takizawa is cutting him up pretty badly. He tries to get into his head by calling Takizawa a ghoul investigator instead of a ghoul before Takizawa stabs right through him with his kagune. The Quinx show up after this and the battle will continue from there but hopefully Amon doesn’t die because he is one of my favorite characters from the anime. The rest of the white suits end up fighting CCG until our favorite gourmet, Tsukiyama returns for the battle. Also, while Kurona is fighting those specimens, Nishio shows up again, another character from season one even though we’ve seen bits and pieces of him from previous seasons, it is also nice to see him again even though I thought he was dirtbag. I just love seeing the old characters from season 1 because those characters played a detrimental part in making the anime as big as it is. Overall, I really loved the revelation in this episode again, even though we didn’t see Kaneki and it was more of a filler episode, some filler episodes are worth seeing and this was definitely worth the watch. I am very excited to see what happens next episode since we’re seeing most of the old characters in combat. It would be really hard to see where Kaneki fits in this mix since there’s so much going on but we’ll have to stick around and wait until next week.

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