Tokyo Ghoul Re: Season 4 Episode 2 Review

In  this episode of Tokyo Ghoul, we finally get to see Kaneki as his new self again engaged in a horrific battle with Arima, a top investigator from the Doves and an amazing and skilled ghoul fighter. First we see Yomo, the man who killed Ayato and Toka’s father step up to the plate to protect them out of guilt for killing their father. Ayato and Toka eventually step in and they all work together in the fight against Arima to save Hinami. However, Arima is too powerful with his indestructable quinques and he manages to have them laying on the ground in one fell swoop. Yomo tries all his might to make sure he protects Ayato and Toka even if it means sacrificing his self in the mix. Yomo survives but is badly injured, meanwhile Kaneki takes his place in battle and squares up for the fight against Arima who was previously Hasai Sasaki’s teacher. Hasai Sasaki was Kaneki’s previous self until he regained his memories recently. Arima feels like Kaneki is not taking the battle seriously then Kaneki says he just wants to stall for time until he remembers a short and brief run in with Toka after he saved them. This remembrance causes Kaneki to snap and he releases a very powerful kagune destroying Arima’s quinqe. But Arima shows little reaction when he gets out a brand new quinqe made from the Owl’s kagune. Arima surprises Kaneki with an attack from below and as Arima slashes Kaneki repeatedly, we are taken to a place in Kaneki’s mind where he speaks with his old friend, Hide. Hide gives Kaneki an amazing converstion by talking about how Kaneki is here for a reason and to never take life for granted. Then Kaneki comes back down to Earth and continues to fight Arima with great purpose. Then on another surprising note, Kaneki allows Arima to stab his quinqe right through him, at that moment Arima realizes that Kaneki has no intention of killing him and as he realizes this, he slashes his neck with his own quinqe. This was a very emotional episode overall because we finally see a different emotion from Kaneki that we haven’t gotten probably since season 1 when he finally sees Hide and has a deep confrontation with him. This shows why Hide is a very important character in Tokyo ghoul because even though his personality seemed very exaggerated and loose. Kaneki admired him because of his unwaivering confidence. He never had a doubt that Kaneki was on this Earth for a reason and he showed that when we saw him again. Kaneki needed him as a comfort mechanism to let him know that things will be okay no matter what. I also love the character development we get with Kaneki as well because his time as Hasei was a stage in his life that he neeeded to go through to break his limits because of how he was content with having no memories of the people from his past as Hasei and now that he let the Kaneki inside of him take control again, it’s like he’s a new Kaneki. He’s not as timid as he was in season 1 and I feel like he has a better grip of who he is as a person and as a ghoul and his head is more clear and again, I feel like Hide was a big part of that growth. I also love how Kaneki looks at Toka in this episode as motivation to live through his battle with Arima. I’m a real Toka Kaneki shipper and I love their chemistry with each other even though it’s shown for a short time since season 1 was very focused on their relationship, I’m definitely waiting for them to start a family. Even though Arima is a bad guy in this episode, I was cheering him on a bit since he is an amazing fighter, almost like Levi from AOT and Vegeta, there’s just something about the strong silent type that I really love in Anime characters. This also made me cry at the end when he slashed himself. So in that case, I’m very excited for the next episode because I want to know if Arima dies or not and if he does, I want to see if it will damage Kaneki’s character development or give him tremendous growth.

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