Normani X Calvin Harris Checklist and Slowdown Review

Before I jump into my review of these two masterpieces, I must let you know that I am a Normani STAN but I will try to give an unbiased opinion. Normani, who was in the group 5th Harmony before they went on a Hiatus back in March of this year, has blessed us with two more tracks a few months after her hit single with Khalid, “Love Lies”. It wasn’t until yesterday that Normani confirmed that she would be releasing new solo music today at noon and you best believe I counted down every second. Her single with Khalid didn’t fail to surprise me since I knew it would be an instant hit. Normani just has the essence of a star that I look for which is why I will stan her until the end of time. So let’s get into the first song, “Checklist” feat. Wizkid. This song was an automatic bop because I love songs that have that Caribbean, spanish feel. “Checklist” is a very twerky and melodic song  paired with her deep, silky smooth voice that has me completely shook and I knew she wouldn’t disappoint. This song also sounded like a Rihanna song to me as well which shows how inspired Normani is by Rihanna’s style and it could really go off in the club. The next song, “Slow Down” is a very beautiful and chill banger that reminds me of a late night out with your friends having a drink on the beach. “Slow Down” has a more of a summery vibe compared to club vibe of  to “Checklist” which reiterates the diversity of these two songs. I love how Normani took us to a Caribbean beach and then to nightclub all in two songs. I really love the elements and production of these songs as well so I commend Calvin Harris for giving my fave really good production that her voice compliments. Overall, I’m really in love with these songs and I am going to continue to stream them all day and I can’t wait for Normani’s Tidal performance tomorrow because I know she’s a beast on stage and to imagine some good bops like these paired with her performance level is going to blow the building. I’m so excited that my FAVE IS COMING!!!!!!!!!

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