Sicko Mode by Travis Scott feat. Drake Music Video Review

Off of his latest album, Astroworld Travis Scott releases the music video for his single, “Sicko Mode” featuring world-wide rapper Drake. The colorful and cinematic aspects of this video make “Sicko Mode” undoubtedly one of the best music videos of the year. The video starts off with a yellow-greenish tinge showing the audience a typical middle class neighborhood then shows Drake under an eclipse in yellow light. Of course yellow and green are just a couple of the abundant colors used in the video. There also seems to be a lot going on in the video but they tie everything together with the unique aesthetic so that nothing looks out of place. Another iconic scene is when we see Travis Scott himself riding on a horse in the middle of the street in front of the Astroworld head on the album cover but instead it is blue as opposed to gold. That was just one aspect of the music video that delivers a jolting cadence to the viewers. Scott uses many beautiful women in the video to cater to the lyrics of the song, yet woman in the video also cater to the aesthetic of the video the different colors they have on and the different settings they are in. Especially the woman with blue eyes and a blueish body that gave the video more of a hypnotic affect. Especially since this video has so many different scenes to name, you’ll never get bored watching this video. There are many party scenes in this video which still adds to the club feel of the song but the cinematography of this video is so beautifully done that they just don’t look like your average party scenes. You can definitely feel the energy that Scott and Drake come with through the music video which makes the video as energetic as it is. Another really good scene that I enjoyed was the end scene of Drake and Scott standing side by side with the eclipse in the background and the yellow sky and they ended the video with them walking towards the light which gives the video beautiful ending because of the way shine of the eclipse touches their sihlouettes. Overall this was a very amazing video that brings a fresh aesthetic to 2018.

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