How to Overcome Test Anxiety

Test anxiety is a and I mean that literally. Test anxiety is the most annoying thing to have especially before the test because you get so anxious that you could begin to have butterflies in your stomach, the need to use the bathroom, or you could just be very shaky and sweaty. Of course overcoming test anxiety is a goal you’re working at and one that I am still working at but there is only one way to overcome test anxiety.

  1. Study Well

This may sound very cliche but the sure-fire way to overcome test anxiety and to pass that test is to STUDY. Obviously this is a very annoying method but it truly works from experiences that I’ve had. I realized that my test anxiety stemmed from not enough practice. I was pretty arrogant and thought I didn’t have to study much to understand the material when in fact, not physically studying the material adds some subconscious stress since you think you know the material but your mind knows you don’t so keep this in mind when studying.

2. Be Healthy

In most cases, people usually do poorly on tests because they don’t have healthy habits before the test. Either they go to bed very late and don’t get enough sleep for the test or they don’t eat a balanced breakfast in the morning so your stomach is growling during the test and you can’t focus. Try and exercise, get eight hours of sleep, and have a nice breakfast and do a quick review of your notes before the test.

3. Workout

Working out is a great way to prepare for a test because it’s like you’re warming your brain up to think. Definitely don’t work yourself out to death to the point where you’re too tired to take the test but maybe just a little jog to get a sweat going will do the job. Working out puts you in a relaxed state of mind so you can focus efficiently while taking your test.


One of the biggest things that always messed me up on a test is when other people would get done before me and they would make a lot of noise to get up and turn their test in. This would make me look around the room and get nervous because I couldn’t focus on the test. Learning how to block out your surroundings is a very important skill to help you focus on your test whether it is taking deep breaths, or just staring at another object for a few seconds, or even putting your head down. Any of these exercises can train your brain to be more of a focused thinking machine during a test. Coming from someone who used to have bad test anxiety, I can assure you that these four test anxiety tips will ensure you a good grade on the test and preserve your mental health so you are ready for any test that comes your way.







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