Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 49 Review

This episode of Attack on Titan was a one of the more emotional episodes we’ve seen from previous seasons. We see Erwin ready to charge into the battle with one arm and we see Eren and his friends reminiscing on the good old days before they joined the Levi squad. The most emotional moment is when Eren talks with Armin and Mikasa about having different strengths. This is a reference to the feeling Armin and Eren had previously about feeling useless to the team because they didn’t have the raw strength that Mikasa possessed. Eren conveyed that having strength isn’t about having pure muscle and power, there are different kinds of strengths that are critical to the team like Armin’s brains and battle strategy and Eren’s bravery perserverance. These elements of determination by Erwin and the other scouts to uncover the truth at Wall Maria for i indicates the unwaivering drive they have to win the battle and how much they are willing to give to see a glimpse of the truth even though they have different reasons for their motives. Also there was a small moment when they saw a man that looked like Hannes walking by which adds more sentiment to the story since Hannes played an important role int their lives. Hannes was killed in season 2 by the Smiling Titan and he was basically like a baby-sitter to Eren, Mikasa, and Armin when they were children and their parents passed. Seeing Hannes for a small moment gives a sprinkle of hope to the episode since we can view Hannes as like a symbol of comfort. Not much of the current physical plot was developed this episode, but I wouldn’t call it a filler episode by a long shot since there was a lot of emotional development between the characters before the big battle takes place like the calm before the storm. To be honest you guys, and I think you all know it too, something big is going to go down. I think there are going to be a lot more people dying than we think judging from the ending of the episode. When you watch the ending of the episode and they play the outro music, they put very quick images in with a high pitched screaming sound. There’s a lot of foreshadowing going on in those images so go back and watch them because they are very hard to catch all at once. We at least see some images like the Smiling Titan, a picture of Grisha and another family, and an overload of dead bodies. These images will give us a little peek of what’s to come in the next season as well. Since we don’t really know what will happen in the next episode for the people that don’t read the manga, we can at least tell that there will be a blood bath because of the end scene with Levi showing emotion. Since Levi showed emotion, then we know that something horrific must have happened. It seems that all of his emotion was geared towards attacking Eren so we can assume that Eren must’ve done something that was not planned. For my prediction for the next episode, I think Eren will have another problem with his titan powers since we’ve seen these often in the past like during season 2 when he came face to face with the Smiling Titan. I don’t know to what extent things will go wrong with his powers but I know it will get a good amount of people killed in the crossfire. Either way the next episode looks like it will be a spine-killing episode and a defining moment for the whole series.


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