How To Go To College For Free.

If you’re reading this post, then that means that you have a strong aspiration to go to your intended college for free. But who wouldn’t want to go to college for free? Who wants to pay off student loans for thirty years? Fortunately, I was blessed enough to be able to go to college without paying off any student loans, so let me share my formula for not having to worry about student loans. With a lot of time and research, there are really good ways you can go to college for free. These are methods I’ve learned overtime and I’ve used them and they worked. Hopefully these can work for you are your college endeavors.

  1. Apply for every scholarship possible

By this I mean, look into any possible place to get funding. This could be around your local area like your church or a local organization. There are millions of dollars of grants  in scholarships given out every year but the key to finding these scholarships is to do your research. By doing enough of this you can find scholarships that don’t have much competition, thus increasing your chances of receiving funding.

2. Appeal for financial aid

For this step, you have to use a lot of negotiating skills to argue for more financial aid. I’ve seen this work in some cases where colleges have re-evaluated financial aid packages because they are anxious to have certain students go to their college. You can mention another college that may be giving you more money to attend their college but you really want to go to a different one but they aren’t giving you as much money as the other colleges. To do this, just make a call to the college you are really interested and tell them that another college is offering them more money and see if they will re-evaluate your financial aid package and give you more funds to attend.

3. Have a GOOD sob story

This step is more in relation for the scholarship step. When you apply to scholarships, chances are they will ask you who you are as a person and they want that to shine in your application. Now I’m not saying that you should lie on your application and create some fake story because usually people reading over these scholarships can see through the bullcrap so don’t lie. But if you come from an underprivileged family with a hard past, it doesn’t matter the interpretation of a hard past, a hard past could be anything, but if you let your struggles in life shine and show how you were able to overcome those struggles, that’s a shoe in. People love underdogs because it’s empowering to see other people succeed. Even if you think you’ve had the best life possible, that’s still no excuse because I know every person who’s a human has gone through some obstacle in life. Even if you think it was a small obstacle, you can still milk it to your audience to make it seem like a great comeback story.

4. Promote Diversity.

Promoting diversity is the main way people get scholarships, it’s the biggest reason why I got all of mine. That being said, you DON’T have to be a minority to promote diversity. In this day an age, people want to see people of color succeed in the workforce like in STEM areas. There are plenty of areas that lack diversity and if they see that you advocate for a more diverse workforce and you are collaborative and willing to work with people of color and are open to their ideas and cultures, this will also make you a shoe in. Colleges want to see that people promote a liberal arts mindset which does NOT mean political views. It means you are willing to adapt to new ideas and never afraid to take risks. Usually people like this do really well and have a great time in college as well so take this with a grain of salt.

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